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eulix Advantage A sound alternative to other hi priced companies Service The main advantages of having eulix provide you with copier or printer service is satisfaction and money savings. You will get world-class service at a better price bottom line. Our service staff is highly skilled in diagnosing troubleshooting and final fixing some of the most complex technical issues that have ever arisen. We are experts in eliminating intermittent jamming and quality issues. We will make the machine run well, within its specs. With over 50 years collectively of technical experience, we deliver on our promises to fix it period. We live and breath in the hi production, hi demand print environment. If the machine is designed to do it, we will make it work and work right. When you place a service call, you will be in touch with a technically knowledgeable expert within minutes. From the point of first contact the troubleshooting and diagnosing begins. When provided with the information we request via phone or email, we are capable of determining in many cases exactly which part we will need to repair the problem. For example, error or jam codes are incredibly valuable when a machine is down. With a simple error code, we can detect exactly what is going wrong and from that point, logistics lights up and the ball begins to roll. Parts are ordered and experts are involved in making sure your machine is operable in minimum time. No time to get the info, no problem. We will still work our best to get to your problem and resolve your issues. Telephone help is always available, sometimes even after hours. Those ongoing jams and breakdowns will be a thing of the past. All equipment sold is equipment we have selected that we know will perform in the field. We refuse to sell a known problem units due to some one time pricing point advantage. We want customers for the future as well as the present. Our after-sale service is a top priority. Many references are available to prove what we say, feel free to ask or visit our testimonials Pricing eulix has partnered with two major leasing companies who will help you tailor a payment plan that works for your company. Together, we can get you approved and implement a plan that will help with your bottom line. Your monthly lease payments will be greatly reduced as our off-lease units are as good as new, backed by our service. Why pay exorbitant prices to the manufacturers when you can get as high quality equipment with better service at a fraction of the price. Call today to get a no obligation quote on your next printer.
Our organization is extremely pleased with the support for our main office printer from eulix. eulix was referred to us through a colleague, after several months of difficulty with our former service provider; we were delighted with the immediate difference. Read more... Catharine Community Development Halton
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